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    We are a Cypress roofing contractor offering high quality roof replacement and repair.  Locally owned and operated, Colter Reid Enterprises,LLC services Cypress and surrounding areas.  We are an insured, professional roofing company.  We will work with your insurance company to make sure you get the correct work done.

    We believe that our customers work hard for their money and are entitled to the best value when dealing with roof repairs.  There are many low quality contractors who will do “anything” to get the job.  Once the job starts their priorities shift to getting paid and “moving on down the road”.  We will give you the best professional consultation to help you make the right decision about your roof.  We will make sure your roof is repaired or replaced to give you the best value.  In the case of a repair, this means you will not have to get the same repair revisited at a later date.  In the case of a replacement, it means that you have all the input needed to make an informed decision about the functionality of your finished project.  Our goal is a satisfied customer who wants to share our name with their friends and associates.  

     Please call Charles Sacky at 281-808-5788 to schedule your free consultation today.